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Lynda Benglis
Bonacina, Andrew / Lawrence, Nora / Obler, Bibiana

Lynda Benglis

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The definitive monograph on American sculptor and visual artist Lynda Benglis, one of the most important living artists today Since her arrival in New York from her native Lousiana in the late 1960s, Lynda Benglis gained recognition for creating a groundbreaking body of work that challenged at once sculpture and painting conventions in an until then largely male-dominated art world. A tireless explorer of new shape and materials, Benglis's gestural and formal approach to art-making has, over the years, elevated her to iconic status, her work being evidence of how process can wield pliant matter and let it 'take its own form'

Verlag: Phaidon
 Seiten: 160
ISBN: 978-1-83866-122-9