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Colour Choices
Bergström, Berit

Colour Choices

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A practitioner´s guide to designing colour schemes

Colour Choices is a practical duide to colour selection and design for architects, designers, students and others who want to learn more about how to create a positive environment. It provides a broad, deep understanding of the different ways we can make colour choices in the design of our surroundings and a world rich in symbols in the form of signage, information boards, data screen readability and websites.

The book presents practical methods for analysing the significance and associations of different colours and desscribes ways in which we can combine colours and create overviews of colour ranges. It also describes extrinsic factors, changes in colour, that affect how the colour selected is perceived. Colour Choices highlights different ways of working with colour in the way we experience colours. It ends by offering practical examples of colour analysis and colour scales for inspiration.

Verlag: Studentlitteratur
Seiten: 163
ISBN: 978-91-44-15983-6