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Colour and its Reproduction
Lang, Heinwig

Colour and its Reproduction

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Colour and Its Reproduction, Part I: Colorimetry
is an introduction to the principles and problems of colour reproduction in TV, film, and print media.
This first volume contains the basic colorimetric principles necessary for the understanding of the modern digital methods of optimizing colour reproduction, of colour management, and of electronic colour correction. It is divided into six chapters:

1. Colour perception - visual experience versus physical radiation

2. Light as physical radiation - or what a colorimetrist should know about physical adiation

3. Additive mixing and why it is prefered in colorimetry

4. Virtual primaries and standard observers - The CIE standard colorimetric system

5. Colour vision - a colourful glance at neural networks

6. The colours in our world - object colours

Verlag: Muster-Schmidt
Seiten: 181
ISBN: 978-3-7881-4056-4