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Color - Communication in Architectural Space
Meerwein / Rodeck / Mahnke

Color - Communication in Architectural Space

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Colors are an element of both the natural and the man-made environments. They convey messages of all kinds and perform a wide variety of functions, informing, organizing, warning. But they also serve an aesthetic purpose, affecting the statement, effect, and acceptance of objects and spaces. While people’s reactions to color vary widely, in design questions it is still possible to establish generally valid color concepts to match the expectations of the various groups of users. This book offers a guide based on a wide range of scientific findings and may be consulted as an authoritative reference by the architecture student and the professional alike. The three editors, Dr. B. Rodeck, Prof. G. Meerwein, and F. H. Mahnke have taught for many years at the Salzburger Seminare für Farbe und Umwelt der IACC.

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