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The Colours of…
Mattie, Erik (Hrsg.)

The Colours of…

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Color is inextricably linked with architecture; as a design element and also as an inherent quality, it characterizes the shape and texture of the built fabric.The book presents extraordinary color schemes, both in terms of technology and aesthetics, for ground-breaking architecture with a wide spectrum of functions: from apartment to concert hall, from flagship store to city park.The focus is on the works of the three architects Frank O. Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Wang Shu. This is expanded by the works of other practices such as BIG, Zaha Hadid, Herzog & de Meuron, Toyo Ito and SANAA.This publication presents a compendium that documents color schemes in architecture in the context of very different aesthetic approaches. The large-format photographs by Iwan Baan, Christian Richters, Roland Halbe and Philippe Ruault fascinate with their clarity and presence.

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