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Coatings Basics
Winkelaar, Adrie

Coatings Basics

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The Mission:A solid grounding in coatings technology - concise, simple, yet comprehensive. This is a highly effective and speedy way of acquiring the basics of the key areas of paint technology and discovering the latest developments in this sector. The first step on the way to becoming an expert. The Audience:Purchasers, career changers, trainees and production employees who have no previous paint training and are keen to acquire the broad basics of the critical areas of paint technology (raw materials, formulations, production, processing and testing of paints). The Value:This book offers basic knowledge in a compact and easy-to-understand format. From basic chemical reactions to coatings ingredients through to production, application and environmental protection, all key areas of paint technology are covered and richly illustrated with numerous photographs. Newcomers will be able to read through it freely and easily.