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Marimekko (Hrsg.)


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100 postcards
The Finnish textile company Marimekko has been inspiring people with its original designs, bold colors and imaginative patterns for sixty-five years. Over a million meters of fabric are printed every year in the in-house textile factory in Helsinki. Fifty of the loveliest motifs are now also available in paper form as postcards:from classics from the 1960s such as Maija Isola's legendary pattern ›Unikko‹ to more recent designs by Finnish newcomers and design greats such as Erja Hirvi and Aino-Maija Metsola. The box - which is just as beautiful as its contents - contains two cards of the same motif and fulfills Marimekko's declared goal for both its owner and the potential recipient of the colorful mail:»Bringing joy to everyday life.« - cult designs by from the 1960s to today - 100 postcards, 50 designs combined in one box - A must for every Marimekko fan

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