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Zeichnen mit Wilhelm Busch
Berg, Michael

Zeichnen mit Wilhelm Busch

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This book is based on Wilhelm Busch's figurative drawings. However, they have been removed from his picture stories. In order to create a system, they were placed next to, above and below one another, regardless of which picture story they come from:figures sitting next to sitting, dogs next to dogs and so on. In this way, there is no distraction from Busch's catchy verses, nor from the scenes and actions taking place in the context of the respective drawing. The cut-out drawings make it clear what liberties he was able to take and what a great treasure trove of artistic means he had ingeniously decreed. The path described above was used to make this part of his work more accessible to beginners, career changers and others. Suggestions for self-study are given on many pages to expand and refine perception.

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