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Johannes Hus
Krzenck, Thomas

Johannes Hus

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The charismatic Prague theologian and church reformer Johannes Hus (1371/72 - 1415) reached the top of the local reform movement within a few years in a tense period, while economic and political contradictions intensified in the Kingdom of Bohemia and with national emancipatory demands from a growing group of local intellectuals merged at the university founded by Charles IV in 1348. The philosophical-theological war of words and writings developed a momentum of their own that burst the previous church structures, especially in the dispute about the work of the Englishman John Wyclif. From 1402 Hus worked as a preacher at the Bethlehem Chapel. he attracted the wrath of the clergy, the archbishop and numerous theologians with his increasingly radical and publicly expressed criticism, which was directed against the clearly visible abuses within the church. The author provides a knowledgeable and lively description of the stages of Hussen's life and shows how Hus came to the forefront of the reform movement, how the confrontation with his opponents led to a trial against Hus at the Curia, which finally ended at the Council of Constance with the burning of the bohemian heretic ended.

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