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Königin Viktoria und ihre Zeit
Feuchtwanger, Edgar

Königin Viktoria und ihre Zeit

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Queen Victoria came to the British throne in 1837. During this period Great Britain was the first nation to make the transition to the industrial age. The process of extending electoral rights that began in 1832 and the formation of modern parties gradually led to a redefinition of the role of the monarchy. However, Victoria's idiosyncratic traits made her unsuited to the developing role of constitutional monarch. It was her husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, who stopped Victoria's partisanship in favor of Melbourne and the ruling Whigs after her marriage in 1840, but who by no means wanted to see the monarchy reduced to non-political functions. Through his active involvement in British politics, supported by Victoria, Albert was soon regarded as the uncrowned king of Great Britain at Victoria's side.