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Eleonore von Aquitanien
Vones-Liebenstein, Ursula

Eleonore von Aquitanien

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Few medieval queens captured the imagination of poets and writers as much as Eleanor of Aquitaine, who was married successively to the two most powerful kings of the Western West - Louis VII of France and Henry II of England. Until recently, numerous novels and biographical accounts have dealt with her fate, whereby the interest was less in her political activities than in her supposedly scandalous life. The author's aim is to capture the personality of this queen, who for more than 60 years was at the center of political events, first through her husband and then through her sons, and to show what opportunities she had to actively participate. In doing so, Eleonoe's awareness of family and gender, her unwavering loyalty to the House of Aquitaine, proves to be the lynchpin of her political dealings her sons against Henry II and their fight for their inheritance can only be understood from this point of view. Her life played out against the background of the political panorama of the 12th century. After all, two of her sons, Richard the Lionheart and John Without Country, ascended the English throne, while their daughters were married to the most important princes and kings from Castile to Sicily.