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Farbe und Form
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Farbe und Form

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Playing with Johannes Itten's theory of colors and shapes

The memo cards show the colors in the shape Johannes Itten assigned to them. Itten describes why the strength and opacity of red corresponds to the static and limited shape of the square. A circle, on the other hand, creates a sense of relaxation and steady movement, which we also feel when looking at the depth and vastness of blue. The triangle, as a symbol of thought, shows the characteristic of yellow with its weightless character, but which can also be prickly like acute angles. Orange, on the other hand, shows the properties of a trapezoid, green is related to the spherical triangle and violet corresponds to the ellipse. Thus, if a color is drawn in the corresponding shape, its specific expression increases. According to the color star, the six shades range from light pastel to the very dark tone of a color. Through playing, the perception of different nuances of color tones is sharpened and their naming is encouraged. The shapes and colors are memorized. When uncovering, new contrasts from color theory are discovered again and again. These can also be placed accordingly: colorful to colorful, light to dark, cold to warm, bright to dull, etc. The cards inspire to lay color rows, to arrange the different tones and to compose your own pictures and combinations.

Publisher: Niggli
Pages: 5,8 x 6,0 cm
Weight(g): 235