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Zeichnen und Entwerfen
Olpe, Peter

Zeichnen und Entwerfen

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Drawing as a catalyst for design processes is the subject of this book. Today, electronic image production and processing has led to fundamental changes in design processes in all creative professions, and many concepts based on manual criteria have lost their style-defining functions in training. This gives drawing a new meaning. Graphic design work mobilizes eye, head and hand to the same extent and creates contexts of meaning that the designer can only experience to a limited extent on the screen. The author Peter Olpe is a graphic designer and has been teaching at the Basel School of Design for 25 years. In his courses in the field of visual communication, he deals with the basics of graphic design work. He is the head of the advanced training class for graphics. Lectures and teaching have taken him to the Rhode Island School of Design, USA, and the Universidad Anahuac, Mexico DF, among others

Pages:248 p., 558 illustrations - 24.5 x 26 cm
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