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225 Farben
Trautwein, Katrin

225 Farben

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A selection for painters and monument conservators, architects and designers

Shortlist Most Beautiful German Books 2017 Dealing with color is a complex topic:Influenced by norms, fashions and trends, we derive our ideas and concepts from color theories, intuition and personal preferences. Today's standard color fans and color description systems are based on purely quantitative principles and include far more than 1500 tones. How do we decide on a specific color? After the successful sample book 128 colors, Katrin Trautwein presents a new selection of 225 colors, which is the result of her many years of cooperation with architects, designers and monument conservators. Each color is presented with an original hand-painted color sample; In addition to information on their composition and origin, their potential and importance in application are described.

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